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December 25, 2013
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2 missed calls. 2 missed text messages.

12:46 p.m.
(y/n)(l/n): yo hey my potato friend! are you busy today?? something extraordinary happened to me today, well I think it’s extraordinary, but I just need to talk to somebody about this thing, maybe grab some advice from a friend and haha lucky for you. da da da daaa you’re my best friend yay it’s fine if i can stop by your house today right? maaaaybee?

12:50 p.m.
(y/n)(l/n): ok so i’m going to take your silent answer as a yes of course (y/n) because you are super awesome and you like potatoes too nom nom nom so you can invade my household on this lovely holiday

1:17 p.m.
Ludwig Beilschmidt: Oh sorry, (y/n). I was in the middle of training, but yes, as you assumed, you can come over. Is there a specific time that you will be coming over?

1:19 p.m.
(y/n)(l/n): well hahahahaha actually...i’m already here lol

1:20 p.m.

“Oh hey, Ludwig,” you greeted him as you stood up very awkwardly and slowly from his couch. “I didn’t break in your house or anything! Moritz was the one who let me if you were wondering how I got inside your abode,” you cried out, gesturing towards his faithful servant.

“It’s alright, (y/n). Thank you, Moritz. So (y/n), what did you want to talk about?” he asked as he made his way to the slick velvet chair that was opposite of the couch.

“Oh well, I don’t know if this is good or bad news, but today, as I cried about my depressing love life, I got a knock at my door and BOOM!” you blurted out, snatching the letter from your bag, and slamming it onto the table which caused Ludwig to jolt a bit. “SURPRISE! IT’S A LETTER FROM A SECRET ADMIRER! Can you believe it?! Plus, it’s for me...I hope.”

You were then doubting yourself. What if this was truly a prank? When people get older, there’s a point in life when expressing love goes down a notch. Instead of receiving glittery cartoon cards and loads of candies and chocolates, you now receive a night out in the town at sophisticated restaurant, talking with your compatible other about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, life, and other various topics. So basically, if you receive this kind of letter on Valentine’s day, it would either be really childish or really cheesy. However, what did you really know about love?

Getting this letter is practically like getting your first kiss, wait, no. Getting this letter is like level one of a video game. You have just gotten started and now you have to interact with characters and defeat some enemies to make some process.

“What do you mean by ‘I hope’?” Ludwig questioned, bringing you back into the real world. “Do you think this whole thing is a joke?”

“Well, of course. What kind of person would like me anyway? Huh, Ludwig?” After saying such thing, you gave your friend a large giggling grin, but instead of receiving a chuckle back as you thought, he remained in silence, giving you a stern look, but what did you really expected from your friend who always looks like that. “Eeeh, al-alright, let’s look at this letter, shall we?”

“Oh simple thing, where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely on. And if you have a minute why don't we go, talk about it somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything, So why don't we go somewhere only we know -Keane

You have brought the light into my dull world of darkness. My heart use to be a place of sheer ice that even with a pickaxe could not break. I lived in cold state of isolation and loneliness. I shunned away everybody away from me, even the ones who even cared for me. I have always thought I didn’t need people in my life to be happy. My life is filled with working, trying to achieve something in this large society, but what exactly am I doing this for? Myself? The world? What am I suppose to do afterwards? Repeat the same old, boring routine? Although the peace was nice, a part of me felt empty. Nobody wants to be lonely in this world, even if they act like it. I have been hiding my emotions for a while, now I have decided that I should open my heart and release these pressuring feelings.”

“This must have been really hard for them to write,” you announced dimly after a few minutes of silent observation. “Just...AWWWWH, they deserve hugs and kisses,” you squealed, hugging the now crinkled piece of paper, retreating quickly from your serious phrase back to your joyous personality. “Now what?”

“(Y/n), you should now gather some clues from this letter,” Ludwig suggests, going over the letter once again. “They mention ice...wait...(y/n)! Grab your coat and Gehen wir!”

He instantly jumps off his seat and starts walking towards his coat hanger. In the process of wrapping many layers of warmth on, he turns and sees that you’re still seated.

“(Y/n)! What are you doing sitting around?” he howls at you. “Gehen wir! Gehen wir! Let’s go!” He then starts frantically gesturing towards the door, signaling you to go towards it. This goes for a few minutes until a certain giggle makes me stop and turn to you. “What is it, (y/n)?”

“It’’s just tha- hehehehe, I’ve never you so eager for something before,” you giggled out. “Except for that one time when there was a potato convention in the city, but you know.”

You continue to ramble on how on it’s very rare to see your friend smile or be eager about something. Even on a shining day, he always puts on his “Mr. Grumpy Face” look” which was practically everyday. It’s always “NEIN. NEIN. NEIN. I’M LUDWIG AND I’M ALWAYS SERIOUS AND I LIKE POTATOS AND TRAINING TO GET MUSCLES BLAH BLAH BLUH”.

In the midst of your thoughts, Ludwig then started to jog to your location and dropped to his knees.

“Ludwig, what are you doing?” you say in very bland tone.

He lifts then lifts his face to reveal a puppy face look. “Please, (y/n). Let’s go and find your wittle secret admirer,” he says in a very squeaky, childish way.

Alright, to be honest, what he is doing right now was really creeping you out. “Hey, Ludiwg...let’s go...please do not ever do that again, ‘ight,” you demanded, grabbing your belongings and heading straight towards the door.

The dark took over the skies as you and your husky, tall friend roamed the crowded sidewalk together. This was such adventure for you, even though you didn’t know where both of you were exactly going, but that’s kind of the point of an adventure.

“So, where exactly are we going, Ludie?”

Instead of answering verbally, he grabbed your shoulders and turned you so you were facing towards a building.

“...Lucy’s Ice Skating Rink?”


“This is what you meant by ice..."


“...Let’s go in then!”

Giggling, you ran inside as people around stare. As you made inside the building, you sat on the first bench that caught your eye. You waited cheerfully on the bench, swinging your legs back and forth in a playful manner while you waited for Ludwig to return. As you waited, a lady approached you.

“Hiya! How are you doing, young lady?” she greeted kindly to you. She was a curvy, red-headed women with a thick southern accent. She wore a very stylish, casual blue and white gown that sank to her knees with her sapphire eyes shining.  “The name’s Lucy, the owner of this lovely rink. Are you here with a special somebody ‘cause we’re having a deal. Two for the price of free on this sweet holiday.”

“Actually, I’m trying to find that special somebody here, you see, I-”

Then all of a sudden, you were slung up from the comfortness of the bench to your feet and squeeze against her.

“Oh, girly! There’s tons of free fishes in this sea rink!” Lucy exclaims, squeezing your sides with her hands with excitement. “Alright, how about that little scrawny little fella over there?” Following her finger, you spot the scrawny man just walking around, but then suddenly falls straight to the ground and stays there for while as people continue to walk by.

“Uh, he’s okay, but he looks like he has given on the world. Maybe someone a little bit outgoing?” you suggested to Lucy as you continue to stare at the sad man getting trampled.

The cheery woman continued to search through the room, so she could pursue her goal of finding you your man. She then suddenly makes a high pitch squeal and nudges your elbow with hers.

You spot where her eyes have landed on and they’ve landed on a loud, obnoxious man. You watch him try to grab everyone’s attention with really stupid jokes that makes you die inside in a really horrible way.

“Well, he’s outgoing, alright...but he’s not the one either,” you sighed out, looking away from the clown.

This whole routine repeated probably like a hundred times. Lucy would find a guy and you would either reply with a yes or most used no answer. By now, you were wondering where Ludwig have gone.

“Hey, Miss Lucy, shouldn’t you be running your business instead of finding my soulmate?” you cried out tiredly to your matchmaker as you stretch your arms and legs on the metal bench.

“Oh, nonsense, missy! We’ll find him!” she exclaimed in her joyous tone, still sitting straight up with great posture. “I can still handle everything from this spot, sweetheart.”

“I’m pretty sure that man right there just stole that women’s purse, Miss Lucy!”

“But in our situation right now, what is more important, honey? Your love life or that man stealing that women’s purse?”

“Miss Lucy! That man who’s now running out of the building is more important than my love life!” you screamed at her, frantically gesturing towards the door. As you continued to fret about this whole situation, she starts poking you like repeatedly.

“Oh, honey. I think we found him,” she perks up from behind.
You raise your head to spy Ludwig coming your way. You celebrated inside your head, thankful that he was back, but suddenly the party ended as your thoughts overthrew it.

“Miss Lucy, I don’t think so as well because Ludwig is my friend and he doesn’t like me like that…” you explain to her your relationship between you and your friend you’ve known for a while. “I know that for a fact.”

“But sweetpea, I see it in his eyes that there’s so much.”

“Miss Lucy, that’s just crazy talk.”

“But honeyboo, just loo-”

“Miss Lucy, that’s enough,” you interrupted her loudly just as Ludwig came closer.

She then starts walking away, leaving the two of you, and giving you a wink before returning to her station above the rink.

“So, (y/n)...are you sure you can do this?” Ludwig asks as he slides the used skates onto your feet.

“Well, since we’re on a mission to find my mysterious man, my answer is yes,” you respond assuredly, still holding your legs out while Ludwig finishes tying your skates then his. “Ice skating shouldn’t be that bad. I mean, even that little girl over there can do it, so why can’t I? Should be a piece of cake.”

Once you finally got onto the ice, you held on the plastic railing as you attempted to “skate” around the rink. You sigh as you watch other civilians and couples pass by you. Even the little girl you were trying to imitate was giggling at you.

“Umm, (y/n)? I thought you said this was going to be a piece of cake,” Ludwig chuckles as he skates back and forth by you, taunting you with his skating abilities.

“Well...reality hasn’t given me my amazing skating ability of swirls and jumps like my mind has,” you replied sarcastically, still gripping onto the edge of the fence. “Don’t worry about me! I totally have this in the ba- oh, nevermind, I going to land on my gluteus maximus once again!” You start to squeal out for the hundredth time, clenching tightly to your safety bar, and shutting your eyes.

“If you want to go, we can go and search somewhere els-”

“Ha! Never! I will find him and I will give him a hu- LUDWIG! LUDWIG! CATCH M-

You waited.

You were waiting for your body to feel so much agony from the dull, icy floor, but many seconds have gone by and instead of feeling a painful blow, warmth surrounded you.

“Am I in heaven, maybe?” you pondered in your mind, drawing closer to the warmth.

Slowly, you open your soft eyes and they were met with another. Ludwig’s blushing face appeared in front of you. Just a couple inches away. At that moment, you could have reacted in a fierceful manner, but that pause in time made you just stare into his glimmering, topaz eyes. Would topaz be the right term to describe his eyes? Well, it didn’t really matter, but his eyes were still pretty, plus you never knew how charming his eyes were before. However, they seem foggy like they were containing something. Something that does not want to be seen by yours. The warmth around the two of you was a bit overwhelming, but you didn’t want to let go. Your warm embrace was then interrupted by some loud speakers and a familiar cough.

“Ahem! Everyone enjoying?” the chirpy, Southern voice asked that blared through the speakers. “This song that I’ll be playing right here is dedicated to a certain little couple out in the ice! This is to (y/n) and Ludwig.” [x]

Just as the song starts, the lights start to dim and were replaced with various shades of blue. While everyone around continued to skate, both of you started to stand up straight, but now holding one another’s hand.

“Ludwig...are you..."

You hesitated from asking and turned away from him, crossing your arms against your chest. After a few seconds of silence, you turned to face him and leaped into his arms, squeezing him with all your might. “Ludwig, was everything in your letter true?”

You stare into his eyes, waiting for an answer, and he gives you a small nod. After that quick answer, you grabbed his hand and you start to slowly skate forward as if you were just walking on the sidewalk. You start to slip a bit, but then he grips your waist to reassure safety.

“Ich liebe dich, (y/n).”

“...I love you, too.”


Gehen wir - let’s go

wow after months of waiting one new fanfic
sorry guys
just school takes over your life and now you have a twitching right eye
you know

but hey i'm working really hard for some new content and stuffs
wait trying

so you enjoy this


- Halili

(That's where all the countries will be listed in)

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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